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Eating Disorders Recovery Center of Athens

Come in and learn that your body is not the problem and that dieting is not the solution.

1 Huntington Rd., Ste 801, Athens, GA 30606-7216
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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders can take several forms, including Anorexia, Bulimia, and Compulsive Eating. What most people don't realize is that an eating disorder is never simply about eating, weight, or body image.  Typically it involves a complex interaction of physical, emotional, and social factors. While confronting this disorder is a challenge, with patience, determination, and appropriate treatment, you can be successful.

We Understand...

When you are struggling with an eating disorder, it often feels as though it will be forever, and that there is no real solution.  Many who have suffered for a long time feel depressed and isolated, making it even more difficult to seek help.  We at the Eating Disorders Recovery Center of Athens believe that no one should be alone when suffering from an eating disorder, and we are here for you should you decide that your problems with eating are keeping you from enjoying life.  We believe it is possible to emerge from this way of simply existing to begin Living and Thriving.

What it can be like...

Are you more concerned about what size you are than who you are?

Have you put your life on hold until you are thin?

Are you existing without living?

An Expert Team...

The Eating Disorders Recovery Center of Athens is dedicated to helping men and women reclaim their lives. The treatment team consists of highly skilled, caring individuals, including licensed psychologists and advanced doctoral-level clinicians under supervision.  Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to helping each person reach their individual treatment goals.

The Eating Disorders Recovery Center of Athens (EDRCA) was founded over fourteen years ago to provide the necessary intensive treatment that has been shown to help those suffering from eating disorders to recover.  During the last decade, we have successfully treated hundreds of patients and help them resume a normal life pursuing careers, family and personal interests.

Eating disorders have become more prevalent over the last twenty years.  They are chronic disorders, are progressive and can, in extreme cases, be fatal.  Eating disorders are expressed in different ways; some individuals restrict food intake (Anorexia Nervosa); others binge  and purge (Bulimia Nervosa); and others present with a complicated combination of symptoms both physical and psychological.  The fact remains eating disorders represent a serious psychological and physical health concern.  They exact a high cost on the affected individual, on their family, their plans and ambitions.  An eating disordered individual is at high risk for developing a chronic psychological disorder that will result in serious physical problems.  Treatment is challenging and difficult and therefore needs to be both intensive and delivered for a sufficient length of time.

Many individuals who are suffering with an eating disorder fear a long period of hospitalization.  Hospitalization is sometimes a necessary intervention when treating an advanced eating disorder.  A traditional extended stay in the hospital can significantly disrupt family life, careers and school plans.  It is the most costly and restrictive form of treatment.  A hospital stay is an intervention of last resort and at the EDRCA we seek to provide an intensive program to reduce the need for a hospital stay.
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