Eating Disorders Recovery

Center of Athens

Additional Services

Although we specialize in eating disorders treatment at our center, we are fortunate to have a talented professional staff with diverse expertise and interests.

In addition to our eating disorders program, our office provides general psychotherapy services for the Athens area community.  Specifically, we offer the following services:


Work with the Aging
Individual and Group treatment designed to help men and women moving through the challenges of life’s later transitions.  The focus of treatment includes topics such as retirement, relationships with adult children, grandparenting, healthy living, and successful aging.

Binge Eating Disorder Group
Often people struggling with binge eating disorder have unique needs.  Not only are they struggling with eating disorder symptoms but they are also sometimes coping with obesity as a result of these symptoms.  They are conflicted by their need to develop intuitive eating skills and a desire to lose weight for their physical health. This group often serves an older population of men and women in the past been misunderstood and often neglected by health care professionals.  This group provides a unique path that involves a non-diet approach to healthy eating and living.

Work with Children and Adolescents
Individual and Group treatment designed to help young people with this often challenging time of life.  Topics may include healthy relationships with friends and family, coping skills, self-esteem, school success. We offer play therapy for younger children who may have difficulty expressing their conflicts through language.

Pain Management
The psychological component of pain is well established. The use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in combination with hypnosis; meditation training; interpersonal therapy and relaxation/visualization training are offered as effective approaches to pain management and as adjunct therapies to treatment in a regular pain management center.

Clinical Hypnosis
This effective approach to treatment and self-development can be utilized for habit change, smoking cessation, pain management, personal development and stress reduction. It can be an effective addition to treatments targeting depression and anxiety.

General Psychotherapy
Our clinical staff also provides treatment for those with depression, anxiety related problems, addictions, stress related problems, personality problems and other emotional and behavioral problems that interfere with your life.

Psychological Assessment
We also offer comprehensive assessment services. We can provide assessments for ADHD, Pre Bariatric Surgery, valuations, Learning Disabilities and substance abuse problems. We utilize the most up to date and current psychological assessment measures.Type your paragraph here.